Unpretentious Skincare




And why not?

Do you know your average product off the shelf (many touted as natural these days) contain a MINIMUM of over 25 different chemicals, harsh preservatives, chemical fragrances and synthetic colours? These products not only affect us, but also the entire Eco System impacting every living thing in it!

Which is why, in my quest for cleaner products, I came up with making simple skincare for myself and my family.

Earth Loving Soap Co makes handcrafted Bath & Skincare in small batches. Our products are made with a huge dollop of love, coloured and scented with all natural and nourishing ingredients such as Turmeric, Activated Charcoal, Matcha Tea, Raw Cacao Powder and Pure Essential Oils. Part of our ingredients are USDA Certified Organic and the only living things we test them on are family.

Do join in supporting us on this quest to make a difference for a cleaner Earth and a healthier lifestyle. We sell Unpretentious Skincare, absolutely something we believe in.

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I recently tried Earth Loving’s Soap & it’s amazing. I’ve tried a few different eco friendly & natural soaps & they just don’t clean well. But this one does! And smells good too! 

Anthea Cooper, Hong Kong

Let’s start with the packaging first.... made me want to dive into the scrub and swim in it to exfoliate. Glass jar, minty earthy natural fragrances, rustic packaging... it looked so good ! And the product didn’t disappoint either. The scrub was so moisturising with its oils , could feel the softness and moisture on my skin even a day later. The soap was equally wonderful.

Anaitha Nair, Hong Kong

I tried the Himalayan Salt with Lavender Scrub and absolutely loved the richness and purity of oils in it! Loving how soft and supple my skin is feeling :) keep up the good work!

Astha Kashyap, Hong Kong

I really really love my citrus and cinnamon body polish .. it’s so refreshing and the skin feels so soft and not to forget smells so so so so good ! I use it everyday !!! So impressed that u make all of them urself ���it’s super impressive

Dhara Seth, Hong Kong

I love the neem and matcha soap and warm cocoa butter salve. Feels so good on the skin and senses with all the natural ingredients and without any strong overpowering fragrances..

Rashmi Menon, Mumbai

I purchased the cacao and mint soap and the peppermint and rosemary body scrub at the Conrad Bazaar earlier this month.

I really liked both products. The soap lathered quite nicely on my skin and I could smell the mint as I massaged it over my skin. My skin felt clean and not dried out as some soaps or shower gels do. The body scrub was gentle and very moisturising. Even after applying to my body, I used what was left on my feet; it had an amazing effect. I had recently returned from a long trip abroad where I walked long distances every day. My feet suffered as a result and they were in sore need of repair. A little amount was all that was needed.

Andrea Wong, Hong Kong