Earth Loving Soap Co was founded in March 2018 to come up with a simple, back to basics solution. One that was non polluting and being as close to natural as we could.


We choose to offer ECO FRIENDLY, Quality products that are Effective, Transparent and Easy on the Wallet! 

It started off with some very wise but unheeded words from my father, a Post Doctorate Organic Chemist from Harvard. His rich experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry and formulating medicines for over 35 years has given him valuable insight into the side effects and impacts of various chemicals on our bodies and the eco system.

As parents, watching our daughter grow up, we realised we did not want her using the chemical laden products. We saw the damage inflicted on our skin and well being. In addition, the pollution of our water bodies due to all the chemicals being washed down made us realise that our future generations would have a better planet only if we acted upon it and made a difference.

Taking his words into account, we started researching on the toxic elements and their side effects on the body and the eco system. Our hunt for natural skincare in Dubai back in 2015 left us with very limited choices. We decided to go back to basics as we have been brought up, with SIMPLE SKINCARE.

Skincare that was non - polluting to our bodies and this planet. Simple but Effective products made with close to JUST TEN ingredients. Quality Minimalistic skincare that is Wallet friendly too! After all, whats good for us shouldn't cost us the Moon!

We include Ingredients that are easy to understand unlike other natural / organic skincare labels which include chemicals in spite of their claims.

The feedback on our handcrafted skincare was hugely encouraging, and so we decided, "why not spread some of that love for the planet and get people to go green?"